What is Plastex?

A fourth-generation family company that has been operating in Finland since 1936. Plastex has its own factory and warehouse in Lohja, which enables local production and fast delivery to customers. Plastex is known for its responsible and safe operations, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for high-quality and durable plastic products.

Plastex is committed to sustainable development and responsible business at all levels. They use only sustainable materials and production processes, which reduces environmental impact and ensures the high quality and safety of products.

Plastex's products are very safe to use, as they comply with all safety requirements and standards. Their products are certified and tested, which means they are safe to use in all conditions.

Plastex's wide range of products includes various plastic products such as water containers, watering cans, and other plastic products that are essential for living an active life. The high quality and durability of their products ensure a long service life and reliable performance.

Plastex's skilled staff are always ready to help customers with all their needs and ensure they are satisfied with the products. Plastex is a reliable partner that offers high-quality and durable plastic products.

If you are looking for a responsible and safe choice, Plastex is the ideal company. Their commitment to sustainable development, high-quality products, and quality customer service makes them one of the best companies to choose from.

We are looking for a distributor from Europe! Ask more: arto.antwuorinen@plastex.fi   


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