Introducing Plastex: A Legacy of Quality and Responsibility


Plastex is not just any company; it is a fourth-generation family-owned business that has been operating in Finland since 1936. With its own factory and warehouse in Lohja, Plastex delivers locally produced goods with lightning-fast efficiency.


What sets Plastex apart is its unwavering commitment to responsible and safe operations. If you're in search of high-quality and durable plastic products, look no further. Plastex is renowned for its dedication to sustainable development and responsible business practices at every level.


When it comes to materials and production processes, Plastex only selects sustainable options, reducing environmental impact while ensuring the utmost safety and quality of their products. Rest assured, all Plastex products comply with safety requirements and standards, having been thoroughly tested and certified for use.


From water containers to watering cans and a wide range of other plastic products, Plastex offers a diverse selection to support your active lifestyle. With their exceptional quality and durability, Plastex products guarantee a long service life and reliable performance.


What truly distinguishes Plastex, however, is its team of skilled staff. They are always available to assist customers, ensuring their needs are met and their satisfaction is guaranteed. Plastex is not just a company; it is a reliable partner that provides a comprehensive range of high-quality and durable plastic products.


Welcome to Plastex, where years of expertise and dedication come together to offer you the finest in plastic products.

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